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File Type Extension and Associations

The end of each filename contains a file extension ( ups, upg, urt, udb, uha, u3p, uif, udl, ucf, uue, uud, ufo, unk, uwl, unl ) which refers to the type of file. This information is used by your computer operating system to open files with the appropriate program that is associated with this file type.

.U3D - Universal 3D File.

.U3P - U3P is a U3 platform install type of file. A U3P program is a portable program that is stored on a U3 Smart Drive which is a special type of USB flash drive.It allows programs to be run from the flash drive on a windows operating PC. ( file extension .u3p )

.U96 - EasyZip Temporary File. ( file type .u96 )

.UB - Audio File. ( file extension .ub )

.UC2 - Ultra Compressor II format. Data compressing archiver with separate graphical shell. Can create multivolume self-extracting archives.

.UCF - A ucf file is a Epson personal settings information file format. ( file extension .ucf )

.UDC - Acrobat Spelling File (Adobe Systems Incorporated) ( file extension .udc )

.UDB - Windows2000 Uniqueness Database File (Microsoft Corporation). Works File (Microsoft Corporation).

.UDF - Excel User Defined Function (Microsoft Corporation).

.UDL - UDL is a Microsoft Universal Data Link file. ( file format .udl )

.UFO - UFO is file type used in PhotoImpact which is a digital image editing suite from Ulead. ( file format .ufo )

.UHA - UHA is a UHARC Compressed Archive file.( file extension .uha )

.UIF - Universal Image Format (UIF) is a compression image file format for backing up CD's and DVDs. MagicISO is a CD / DVD image file tool for creating, editing and extracting. It can open, create, edit and extract CD / DVD image files. MagicISO can convert a bin file to a iso file. MagicISO has a freeware program called MagicDisk that can open UIF files on a Windows operating system. If you have a Mac computer, you will need to convert the file to ISO format which can then be opened or burned. ( file extension .uif )

.UKS - Msworks file.

.UMOD - Unreal Self-extracting MOD File. ( file extension .umod )

.UNIX - Unix file. ( file extension .unix )

.UNL - UNL is an Informix binary file created by the UNLOAD command. ( file extension .unl )

.UPG - File extension upg is used for firmware upgrade files. It should have an associated .exe upgrade file with it. ( file extension .upg ).

.UPS - Works File (Microsoft Corporation) ( file extension .ups ).

.UPR - Claris user dictionary.

.URT - Utah Raster Toolkit format. Native raster file format of the Utah Raster Toolkit, a rich source of bitmap manipulation tools and source code.

.USR - User database (Procomm Plus/Turbo C++ tour).

.UTL - QuickBooks data. ( file extension .utl )

.UTF - AOL Updating Files (America Online, Inc.).

.UVR - Ulead Cool 360 Viewer File (Corel Corporation).

.UWL - Corel WT or WordPerfect User Word List. ( file format .uwl )

.UX - UNIX file. ( file extension .ux)

Every filename contains a file extension like ups, upg, urt, udb, uha, u3p, uif, udl, ucf, uwl, unl, ufo and others that refers to the specific type of file. Info on files like ups, uif, umod, u96 and others is used by your PC operating system to launch an appropriate program associated with that respective file.

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